BASTL InstrumentsBuddy Four-Channel Stereo Mixer


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BASTL Instruments Buddy

Buddy by BASTL Instruments is a four-channel, stereo Eurorack mixer that accepts modular-level and line-level signals, bringing the best of both worlds to your rack. With each channel containing a low-noise NE5532 op-amp (the same one that's found in the Dude), Buddy provides two mono/stereo channels for Eurorack and two line-level preamps capable of accepting stereo TRS jacks to join forces with any studio or live setup. The op-amps provide a mild bump of +6dB while the line preamps provide a boost of up to +20dB, giving you plenty of room to get the best mix of all your outboard synths and drum machines with your Eurorack setup. With further configuration to chain multiple Buddys for extra inputs, the BASTL Buddy is a wonderful addition to tie all your gear into one solid stereo mix.

Buddy Features

  • Four Channel Stereo Mixer
  • Channels A/B accept mono/stereo Eurorack levels
  • Channels C/D accept stereo line level signals
  • Stereo out
  • Low-noise NE5532 op-amps
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 5hp
  • Depth: 30mm
  • Current draw: 27mA @ +12V, 27mA @ -12V
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