AnimoduleM1xXOR CV Sequencer


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Animodule M1xXOR

The Animodule M1xXOR is the Jon Snow of Animodule’s product lineup. Described as a “bastard progeny” and “unholy union” by its creators, the module is an amalgamation of the V9a, VCSS, XXX_OR, and MixMan modules. Each of the module’s channels, as well as the mixer, can be used independently of the sequencer, enabling a variety of self-contained and inter-module uses. When used independently for self-contained functionality, the module can function as a 4-channel DC-coupled mixer or as 4 individual channels of gated attenuation. 

M1xXOR Features

  • Clock pulse high in to clock input moves sequence forward 1 step
  • The channel that the step is on will be open*
  • CV can be used to control the sequencer via the CV input
  • There is a resolution of 5 steps (4 channels and a 0 step allowing for all channels to be cleared from the sequencer)
  • There is an attenuator and offset to help properly scale and position your CV input
  • CV input is expecting 0V to +5V, but with the attenuator and offset will easily work with -/+5V
  • Clock and CV maybe used in tandem resulting in some mind melting rhythms!
  • In that case the clock will step forward 1 step from it's current position (unless it's on step 4 in which case it will roll over to step 1)
  • The clock used in conjunction with the CV will bitshift the sequence to the left, incrementing the static position of the step counter by 1 (wrapping around to step 1 after step 4)
  • Gate high in to reset will reset clock counter to step 1 or if clock input is being used in conjunction with the CV input the reset will clear the Clock Counter and return the step to where the CV indicates it should be without any bit shifting
  • Gate input / switches in conjunction with sequencer:
  • The sequencer and the gate input / switches combine in a XOR gate. If one is high and the other is not, that channel will be open. If both are high, that channel will be closed.
  • Eurorack Module
  • Width: 8HP
  • Depth: 33mm
  • Standard Eurorack Power
Animodule M1xXOR CV Sequencer Reviews