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AJH SynthMega-Phase Analog Multi-Tap Phaser (Silver)


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AJH Synth Mega-Phase 12

The AJH Mega-Phase 12 is a multi-tap phaser based on the classic EHX SmallStone effects pedal that takes a simple guitar effect and turns it into a fully-fledged and complex Eurorack effect. While the original effect featured a four-stage phaser, Mega-phase 12 features adjustable stages from two to 12 stages. Emphasis, or resonance can be added throughout the signal path as well as individual stage emphasis that comes out the right output. An internal wide-range triangle wave LFO is routed by default into the frequency CV 1 input and the attenuator. External modulation can be inserted into the FCV1 input which disconnects this normalization. The FCV2 input has an associated attenuverter which can be used to reduce and/or invert the incoming CV signal with no modulation present with the knob in the center.

Input two has an input attenuator that can be used to set the level of the incoming signal. This is particularly useful when creating a second feedback path using the wet output into the input two. This, combined with a little attenuation for fine tuning of the feedback path, this unlocks a new world of phasing possibilities. The wet output can also be used with external effects and filters to further shape the sound. While it features a left and right output, The Mega-Phase 12 outputs are not true stereo, but rather are taken from different parts of the signal path. This phaser is a top-notch effect that goes beyond what a traditional phaser is thought to be and brings it into the Eurorack playing field. It sounds great and provides a wealth of sound shaping possibilities.

Mega-Phase 12 Features

  • Multi-stage phaser
  • Internal and wide ranging triangle wave LFO
  • Emphasis for entire signal path and individual stage emphasis
  • Left, right, and wet outputs taken from different parts of the signal path
  • Two inputs, one with attenuation
  • Depth controls dry/wet mix and features CV input
  • While not true stereo, can be used to send a mono signal to two outputs affected differently
  • Two frequency CV inputs, one with attenuverter and one with the LFO normalled in
  • CV over emphasis
  • Eurorack Module
  • Width: 18HP
  • Depth: 24mm
  • Current Draw: 70mA@+12V; 65mA@-12V
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