Acid Rain TechnologyConstellation Euclidean Rhythm Sequencer


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Acid Rain Technology Constellation

Acid Rain Technology's Constellation is an eight-channel gate and trigger generator, forming inspiring patterns through various means centered around Euclidean rhythms. Each of Constellation's eight outputs starts with one Euclidean pattern with definable clock division, length, event count, and rotated start point, of which you can inject bursts and ratchets for multiplied gates and triggers or even chance for how likely the step in the pattern will pass through. Where Constellation departs from your typical Euclidean pattern generator is in its ability to apply up to eight independent Euclidean patterns PER rhythm channel, combined in a selection of logic types for determining the final output—logic types include AND, OR, XOR, and even flip-flop with definable width! Additionally, Constellation features a random function for randomizing specific parameters or whole tracks for exploring unconventional and non-western stylings.

With eight completely configurable outputs, Constellation is capable of creating complex percussion lines and clocks throughout your Eurorack system. Not only can you store these settings across 999 banks of 20 slots each, you can also play each saved slot in any fashion live with even mute-enabling for easier transitions. Not only can you send and receive clock and reset signals for synchronized rhythms to your other patterns, but you can also inject one source of modulation per rhythm generator that is assignable to any parameter for creating flowing and ever-changing rhythms. Paired nicely with their Maestro, the Constellation from Acid Rain Technology goes above and beyond your typical Euclidean rhythm generator for creating intertwining and experimental rhythms for your modular system.

Constellation Features

  • Eight-channel pattern generator
  • Advanced Euclidean rhythm generation and derivation rather than step-sequencing
  • Eight Euclidean patterns per channel with logic (AND, OR, XOR, FlipFlop) to combine the density and sparsity
  • Channel effects include burst, ratchet, and probability with up to 999 steps of gate/trigger rhythms
  • Randomize settings for inspiring new and inspiring patterns
  • Eight assignable CV inputs for modulating pattern parameters
  • Clock division and multiplication per channel
  • 999 banks hosting 20 slots each for saving and loading channel settings, and slots can be played manually
  • microSD slot for storage and recall
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 28hp
  • Depth: 25mm
  • Current draw: 75mA @ +12V, 18mA @ -12V
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