XAOC DevicesTirana II Step Sequencer

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XAOC Tirana II 

Tirana II, from Xaoc Devices, is a micro-sequencer for Eurorack Modular synthesizers. It is a four step voltage sequencer with the ability to have steps repeat, allowing for 16 steps in all. It can provide both unipolar or bipolar CV outputs, allowing it to work with more than just pitch, modulating a filter or VCA. A myriad of options are accessible on the front panel, including a global Transposition input, a Direction change input, and Reset input, allowing for patterns that aren't slaved to 4-step patterns. For stepped voltages in a small system, the Tirana is the compact solution. 

Tirana II Features

  • Four CV/gate steps
  • Per-step repetition or ratcheting
  • Per-step gate muting
  • Accepts clock rates up to 320Hz
  • On-board clock divider
  • Voltage controlled play direction, transposition, and reset
  • Unipolar and bipolar adjustable voltage range
  • Expandable by chaining more Tirana units
  • Eurorack synth compatible
  • 6hp, skiff friendly
  • Current draw: +30mA/-5mA
  • Reverse power protection
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