WMDVolt Precision Voltage Source


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WMD Volt

The WMD Volt is a three-channel precision voltage source and precision adder whose advanced features turn it into a triggerable octave shifting CV source. Not often are utilities quite this exciting!

The Volt is a remarkably accurate and stable voltage source, making it ideal for use as a calibration source for oscillator and filter tracking; currently produced offset (from -7V to +7V) is selected via two front-panel buttons, which sequentially step the voltage up and down in 1V increments, respectively. Furthermore, the module features three CV inputs which can be added to the internally-generated voltage, allowing use as a precision adder and octave transposer for 1V/Oct oscillators. The offest voltage selection can also be stepped up or down with dedicated gate inputs, enabling use as a triggerable octave switcher, enabling intresting melodic animations from even very simple incoming sequences.

Volt Features

  • Three-channel precision voltage source ideal for module calibration, octave switching, and more
  • Front-panel buttons allow output shifting in 1V increments
  • Pressing both buttons simultaneously resets back to a known default value
  • Gate inputs for voltage level shifting, allowing triggerable octave shifting
  • Output range from -7V to +7V
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 4hp
  • Depth: 30mm
  • Current draw: 34mA @ +12V, 17mA @ -12V
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