WinterbloomCastor and Pollux Juno-Style Dual Oscillator

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Winterbloom Castor and Pollux

Get a double dose of Juno-inspired oscillators with Castor and Pollux from Winterbloom, perfect for emulating the rich sound of the Juno 106. This twin oscillator features two digitally-controlled analog oscillators with a built-in chorus effect for lush and full sounds.

Each oscillator features individual outputs for ramp, pulse with PWM, and a pulse sub-oscillator waveforms. These three waveforms pass into a mixer that combines them with a dedicated output. Crossfade between these two mixed outputs for a final combined waveform with a great deal of harmonic complexity. One feature not found on the Juno is the addition of hard sync between the two oscillators, locking oscillator 2's pitch to oscillator 1. An internal LFO controls the chorus effect of oscillator 2, and is also configurable to modulate the pulse width of either or both oscillators.

The twins Castor and Pollux are immortalized as Gemini—two parts of a whole that combine to make a fully-realized system.

Castor and Pollux Features

  • Dual digitally-controlled analog oscillators
  • Individual ramp, pulse, and suboscillator outputs
  • Pulse width modulation and manual offset
  • Mixed output of all three waveforms
  • Crossfade between the two mixed outputs
  • Internal chorus with LFO for oscillator 2
  • LFO also doubles as pulse width modulator
  • Seven octave range
  • Hard sync oscillator 2 to oscillator 1
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 14hp
  • Depth: 25mm
  • Current draw: 100mA @ +12V, 35mA @ -12V
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