Weston Precision AudioSF1 Dual / Stereo Filter

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Weston Precision Audio SF1

Because two is always better than one, Weston Precision Audio's SF1 is a flexible dual filter module that supports a number of different filter types and routing options. Each channel sports its own individual controls, but the Link button will allow the right channel to be controlled by the left's knobs and CV inputs. Above the outputs are a selection of switches to define the resulting filter type—L1 and R1 may be set to lowpass, bandpass, or highpass with 12 or 24dB/oct slopes, while L2 and R2 may be assigned Notch, Allpass, and Phaser modes. Like all good modular filters, you have voltage control over CV and Resonance as well as variable input gain levels for creating tasteful overdrive. And because this module may be used for stereo applications, a special spatialization section with voltage-contolled panning offers another way to bring movement into your patches. Get some wibbles and wobbles in your rig with Weston's SF1.

SF1 Features

  • Flexible filter for dual or stereo processing applications
  • 9 possible responses on each filter
  • Two or four-pole LP, BP, and HP responses available on outputs L1 and R1
  • Notch, Allpass, and Phaser available on outputs L2 and R2
  • Panning output section with CV
  • Input overdrive available
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 18hp
  • Depth: 25mm
  • Current draw: 120mA @ +12V, 120mA @ -12V
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