Walrus AudioR1 MAKO Series Stereo Reverb Pedal


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Walrus R1 MAKO Series Stereo Reverb Pedal

Built upon the same compact and capable platform as the D1, Walrus Audio's R1 is a flexible, stereo reverb pedal boasting studio-grade sounds suitable for any style of music. Between the six algorithms, reverbs ranging from vintage and subtle to overwhelming washes of ambiences are readily available and adjustable to your needs.

R1's Tweak and Tune controls facilitate easy management of your reverberant spaces. Through the use of associated toggle switches, both knobs can control up to three parameters to sculpt the effect to your liking. Through the Tweak knob, one can define the rate and depth of the LFO modulation on each program, as well as the length of pre-delay before the reverb kicks in. Tune affects the low and high end content of the reflections, determining how bright or dark the reverb sounds, as well as an X parameter that modifies a unique parameter on each reverb type.

Of the six included reverb types on the R1, the first three are certainly more traditional. Spring mode provides the classic sound heard in countless guitar amps pushed to its extremes with extended decay times, as well as a nice warm overdrive applied with the X parameter. Hall offers everything from room sounds to open arena spaces, with the size of the space defined by X. Plate gives another flavor of classic studio reverb sounds, and like the Spring mode, X adds in some tasteful grit akin to driving a real plate with a hotter signal.

Standard reverbs aren't the full extent of R1's capabilities, as the other three modes boast new sonic worlds waiting to be explored, not unlike what you might find in their Fathom or Slö pedals. BFR is certainly a big, fancy reverb similar to an otherworldly hall sound. In this mode, the X parameter the diffusion of the reverb reflections, ranging from distinct echoes to totally smeared textures. RFRCT applies glitch and stutter effects on top of a rather diffused reverb. X determines the character of the glitches from lofi and tape-like to crystalline digital artifacts. Finally, Air is a smooth, shimmering reverb perfect for slow pads and chords, with the amount of shimmer determined by the versatile X control.

Within R1 lies plenty of other cool features to maximize your journeys in reverb. At the top of the pedal are full-sized MIDI ports, offering external methods of controlling every parameter. While nine presets can be loaded up from R1 itself, the MIDI connection also facilitates the recall of 128 total presets. Depending on the needs of your setup, there are also three different bypass modes, offering true bypass, DSP bypass, and a combination of the two, with the DSP modes allowing for the continued decay of reverb trails when the effect is disengaged. Of course, the aptly named Sustain switch allows for reverbs to be held infinitely, offering both momentary and latching functions.

Intricately balancing immediacy and immense flexibility, R1 is truly a reverb for musicians from all walks of life.

R1 Features

  • Stereo reverb pedal with thorough MIDI control
  • Six reverb programs: Spring, Hall, Plate, BFR, RFRCT, and Air
  • Multi-functional Tweak and Tune knobs shape the character of each reverb
  • Swell knob applies an auto-volume effect to any mode
  • Sustain switch freezes the reverb tails, with latching and momentary modes
  • Three mode bypass footswitch
  • MIDI in and out/thru
  • Stereo in and out
  • Dimensions: 4.9 x 2.52 x 2.64/124 x 64 x 67mm
Walrus Audio R1 MAKO Series Stereo Reverb Pedal Reviews