WaldorfKyra Virtual Analog Synthesizer Desktop Module


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Waldorf Kyra

The Waldorf Kyra is not just a virtual analog synthesizer—it is an FPGA-based, multi-timbral sound design machine capable of a broad range of tones and textures. The sound quality is unmatched, providing oversampled 32-bit/96kHz floating point processing that allows for amazing breadth of sound and alias-free operation.

Kyra is comprised of eight independent parts, which in turn are comprised of oscillators, filters, EGs, LFOs, and effects. Each part has two oscillator groups, plus a sub-oscillator. The oscillators have a selection of waveforms, including wavetable with 4,096 waveforms and hypersaw mode which stacks 10 sawtooth waves for ultimate trance lines. Because of the high quality of the DACs and processing power, the oscillators are alias-free and sound incredibly smooth. You also have the ability to introduce FM, hard sync, and ring mod between the oscillator groups. The filters are ladder filter-style multi-mode filters with a selection of types and routing options, with 128 configurations available.

The three LFOs per part include 128 waveshapes and can be configured to operate in monophonic, polyphonic, antiphase, random phase, and stereo phase quadrature. Additionally, three EGs are available that modulate the amp, filter, and one assignable modulation destination. There is a robust modulation matrix that features six channels with three destinations per part.

Each part can have nine stereo effects including distortion, chorus, doubling, EQ, delay, phase, flanger, reverb, and formant filter. All 72 effects spread across the eight parts can be used simultaneously without affecting the 128-note polyphonic capabilities.

Over 3,000 parts can be stored and recalled easily for a huge range of sounds available at the touch of a button. The large and clear OLED screen provides real time updates about the parameters that are currently being edited. The Kyra can be sequenced from external MIDI sources, or there is an on-board arpeggiator which can sync to external clock or run from the internal clock. There are 128 preset arpeggiator patterns, plus random and chord modes. The outputs include four stereo pairs of analog outputs available on the rear of the chassis for a wide range of output configurations. Additionally, the Kyra can stream out via the USB connection, allowing the high quality audio to go directly to your DAW without the need for audio cables.

Between the flexible modulation routing, eight independent channels, tactile control, and incredible processing power, Kyra is in a class all by itself.

Kyra Features

  • Desktop FPGA synthesizer
  • 128-note of polyphony
  • 32-bit/96kHz floating point processing with Velvetsound DACs
  • 4,096-wave wavetable
  • Sub-oscillator that can be detuned and offers wave select
  • Up to 128 filter configurations
  • Three LFOs per part with 128 wave shapes
  • Three EGs: filter, amp, and assignable
  • 18 modulation matrix routings per part
  • Eight audio outs (four stereo groups)
  • Stream out to a computer via USB
  • Over 3,000 parts can be stored and recalled
  • FM, hard sync, and ring mod available between the oscillator groups
  • All 72 effects can be used at the same time without affecting polyphonic capabilities
  • MIDI in/out/thru
  • MIDI tuning standard or full key microtuning
  • OLED which easily keeps track of parameter changes in real time
  • Arpeggiator with 128 preset patterns plus chord and random modes
  • 12V DC power supply (included)
  • 17.32 x 12 x 3.35"/440 x 305 x 85mm
  • 12.5lbs/5.66kg
Product Demo Videos
Waldorf Kyra Virtual Analog Synthesizer Sounds
The Waldorf Kyra has very impressive specs which will not limit your sound design options. The Kyra is FPGA based and runs at 32bit 96kHZ. There are 8 parts and each of the parts is a full synth voice with many routing and modulation options. The Kyra can do FM, sync, and ring mod and supersaw.

Everything on this synth gives you tons of options from the 4096 waveforms and 128 filter types to the 128 LFO shapes and and 72 effects that can all be used simultaneously. The Kyra has 128 voice polyphony and four stereo output pairs.
Waldorf Kyra Virtual Analog Synthesizer Desktop Module Reviews