VelectronicA-Envelope Quad ADSR

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Velectronic A-Envelope

The highly flexible A-Envelope from Velectronic is equally powerful as a 4-channel function generator, a 4-voice polyphonic ADSR generator, or any combination of the two. Using a set of clever grouping functions, any of the four channels can be configured to serve as a "reference" for any number of other channels. The grouping function makes polyphonic patches a breeze, as all associated channels in a group will share the parameters of the reference channel, without having to manually dial in every setting. Four CV inputs, one for each stage, can be assigned to any of the four channels, and attenuated by means of the dual function encoders.

The A-Envelope streamlines modular polyphony, but it's also replete with features that maximize its utility as a modulation source. While channels that are added to the group will share the parameters of the reference channel, any unassigned channels maintain full independence. This means you could configure the A-Envelope to run as a duophonic ADSR with shared parameters, routing the two remaining independent channels to other modulation destinations of your choosing. Of course, operating four completely independent channels is fully in reach, as every channel has its own gate/trigger inputs. Any channel can also be set to loop, turning any or all of the channels into voltage-controlled LFOs with periods exceeding 60 seconds on the low end, and up to about 700 Hz at audio rates.

Complementing the deep modulation possibilities is a set of four BEOS (Begin And/or End Of Stage) output jacks, which can be assigned to any segment of any channel, and which will output triggers when the corresponding channel's segment begins or ends, depending on the user configuration. Any of the BEOS jacks can also be configured to output gates for the duration of the assigned channel's stage. This level of gate/trigger output customization means that highly interdependent and complex rhythmic sequences are just a few patch cables away.

With its streamlined grouping functions and selectable polyphony, complex trigger and gate behavior, and deep modulation options, the A-Envelope expands on the concept of the quad envelope generator in new and exciting ways.

A-Envelope Features

  • Quad ADSR envelope generator
  • 4 envelope generators can function polyphonically or independently in any combination
  • Independently adjustable curves (log-lin-expo) for each channel's A, D, R stages
  • LED-encircled endless encoders provide immediate visual feedback for any channel's settings
  • Voltage control over A, D, R times and shapes
  • Voltage controllable sustain level
  • Stage lengths range from 0.7 milliseconds to 20 seconds
  • Any stages can be skipped by turning encoders outside the range
  • Four configurable BEOS (Begin And/or End Of Stage) trigger/gate output jacks
  • Loop switch for each channel turns any of the four envelopes into LFOs
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 22hp
  • Depth: 38mm
  • Current draw: 245mA @ +12V (35mA with intenal 5V), 23mA @ -12V, 170mA @ +5V (0mA with 12V jumper)
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