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Malekko Heavy IndustryVarigate 4+ 8-Step Gate + CV Sequencer


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Malekko Heavy Industry Varigate 4+

Synthesists rejoice! Malekko has updated their acclaimed Varigate 4 sequencer with the 4+, which includes all of the features that made the original a hit along with some brand new additions that are sure to make it a staple in many modular synthesizer systems.

New features include the option to output both quantized and unquantized CV and gate signals in tandem. Additionally, the module sports a play/stop function, preset banks, per-step glide, and scales. To sweeten the deal even further, the Variagte 4+ can be configured as a slave to the Varigate 8+ for up to 14 channels and 100 presets!

Varigate 4+ Features

  • Switch between 4 channels of 5v gate outputs, 4 channels of CV outs or 2 gates and 2 CV outs
  • 8 steps per channel
  • GLIDE per step
  • PLAY/STOP function
  • DIVIDE and MULTIPLY clock per channel
  • Adjust sequence length per channel
  • Adjust PULSEWIDTH per channel
  • Program NOTES (for CV outs)
  • Quantized SCALE adjustment
  • TEMPO COURSE adjustment per channel (This parameter adjusts the internal clock between 30 and 255 BPM
  • TEMPO FINE adjustment (This parameter adjusts the clock +/- 25 BPM)
  • Change SEQUENCE mode per channel (Forward, Reverse, Pendulum and Random)
  • CLK IN: Clock input with LED indicator
  • RESET: Gate input for resetting to step 1
  • CLK OUT: Clock output with LED indicator
  • PROBABILITY: Control the probability of a step outputting a gate.
  • REPEAT: Control the amount a step repeats
  • RANDOMIZER functions for Repeat, Note, and Glide
  • Saved PRESETS function
  • Slave Voltage Block to Varigate 4+
  • Slave Varigate 4+ to Varigate 8+ for use as an “expander” (for a total of 14 channels)
  • LED BAR GRAPH: displays the step currently being adjusted as well as a final overview of all adjusted steps.
  • LEDs for A,B,C and D indicating gate outs, notes for each channel.
  • 12HP Width
  • Current Draw: +12V/-12V
Product Demo Videos
Malekko Varigate 4+ Eurorack Sequencer
This videos shows a few sequences created with the Malekko Varigate 4+ in its 3 different modes. It can sequence 4 gates, 4 CVs, or 2 gates and 2 CVs. The Varigate 4+ also has probability and repeating/ratcheting features.
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