Universal Audio710 Twin-Finity Tube / Solid-State Preamp


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Universal Audio 710 Twin-Finity

Capture the sound of both tube and solid-state preamps with this unique DI/mic preamp from Universal Audio, the 710 Twin Finity. The core of the preamp are phase aligned tube and solid state circuitry. The tone of the preamp can be adjusted from 100% tube to 100% solid-state circuitry using the Tone blending, unlocking a score of unique tones between the two extremes. Blend from warm and full to responsive and precise with one knob.

Featuring both a class-A FET microphone preamp with phantom power and a high impedance JFET DI input, it works with a wide range of input sources. Add up to 70dB of gain to your input signals with independent level and gain controls. Tailor the 710 to your needs with the -15dB pad, polar invert, and 75Hz high pass filter. A built in VU meter shows your output levels or in the Drive mode, it indicates how hard you're driving the input stage. Taking up 2U vertically and half a rack space horizontally, it will find a home among your other rack mount gear as a versatile and great sounding preamp, fit for a wide range of applications.

710 Twin-Finity Features

  • Tube/solid-state preamp
  • Phase aligned tube and solid state circuitry
  • Tone blending between 100% tube and 100% solid state with lots of options in the middle
  • Up to +70dB of gain
  • Class-A FET mic preamp
  • High impedance JFET DI input
  • Phantom power
  • -15dB pad
  • Polarity invert
  • High pass filter at 75Hz
  • Inputs:XLR (mic), XLR (line), ¼" high-Z
  • Outputs: XLR
  • Frequency response:20Hz-100kHz
  • 2U/half rack space / 3.5 x 10.25 x 8.25" / 89 x 260 x 209mm
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