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Twisted Electrons Crazy8Beats Rhythm Sequencer

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Twisted Electrons Crazy8Beats

The Crazy8Beats rhythm sequencer, from Twisted Electrons, as perfect for programming quirky and unconventional rhythms and implementing unique but powerful features. It is the same size as the C8 and Acid8 and pairs well with the Crazy8 sequencer.

Crazy8Beats Features

  • 21 port connectivity 
  • 2 MIDI OUT
  • 8 triggers
  • 8 cv outputs
  • cv modulation per step (great for rhythmic effects)
  • Midi CC per step or different notes per step
  • Velocity
  • Swing per Track
  • probability and beat auto-remixing
  • real time beat recording
  • drill fx
  • different clockrate per track (clockdivider / clockmultiplier per track - great for polyrhythmic madness)
  • 16 patterns per track (can be changed per track or all at once
  • pattern chaining
  • 87 leds 
  • 4 play modes per track
  • Midi clock in/out
  • trigger sync in/out
  • Great for quirky rhythms
  • Pairs well with Crazy 8 sequencer
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