Twisted Electrons Cells Dual Unipolar CV Generator

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Twisted Electrons Cells

The Twisted Electrons Cells is a dual CV generator and sequencer. Optimized for uni-polar voltage inputs, the module excels at duophonic sequences and/or modulation sequencing. It sports sixteen touch pads, with each one behaving like a trigger. Users can hold a single pad down to alter its pitch, or hold down multiple pads to create arpeggiations. Pads can be tuned by 12 increment semitone scales or free tune, and can be used to trigger various step advance configurations.

Cells Features

  • 16 duophonic touch pads
  • Arpeggiator
  • 2 CV/Gate outputs
  • 2 trigger inputs
  • Tune CH1/arp speed knob
  • Tune CH2/arp range knob
  • 2 tune buttons
  • Dual CV/Gate, puts out semitone or free scale
  • Trigger inputs: 5V pulse
  • CV Outputs: 0-5v DC Positive
  • Unit includes 16pin power cable and screws
  • 12HP
  • 20mm deep

5V external mode:

  • 5V: 18mA
  • 12V: 4mA
  • -12V: 4mA

5V internal mode:

  • 12V: 22mA
  • -12V: 4mA
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