Truetone1 Spot Pedal Power Supply

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Truetone 1 Spot

The 1 Spot 9V adapter from Truetone is the perfect power supply solution for powering your guitar effect pedals. Connect a plethora of pedals with the onboard 1700mA of triple-filtered clean power using daisy chain cables. Taking up only one spot on your surge protector or power strip, the 1 Spot is a must-have, no-nonsense power solution.

1 Spot Features

  • 9V power adapter
  • Provides 1700mA of power
  • 100-240V input voltage range
  • Triple-filtered for clean performance
  • Connect as many pedals as you'd like with daisy chains
  • 2.1mm plug
  • 9V DC power with 1700mA
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