Trogotronicm/168 M Series Collier Case - 168HP

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Trogotronic m/168 Collier Case

The Trogotronic m/168 M Series Collier case is a compact and portable means of housing one’s Eurorack modules. The case is great for those expanding their systems, as well as for those just starting out. It is constructed from hard plastic and features removable pin hinges for easy lid removal. The case is completely splash proof when locked, so patching by the water shouldn’t be much of an issue. This is also great for patching at parties, as it could potentially shield one’s investment from any drunken shenanigans. 

Internally, the m168 features a convenient triple DC voltage system that provides a total of 10 Amps.

m168 Collier Case Features

  • Rugged Splashproof Brief-Case
  • 2 Rows of 84hp = 168hp Capacity
  • Twin-Pin Removable Case-Lid w/Finger Pulls
  • PREMIUM Swiss Rails = No Half-Assed Loose-Nut Comedies
  • 10 Amp (10,000mA) Power System INCLUDED
  • Power Boards Accommodate Up To 30 Modules w/+12v, +5v & -12v
  • Triple Voltage Status Lamps for Power Board (+12v/+5v-12v)
  • Power System Works ANYWHERE ON EARTH
  • STANDARD Power System Supplies = Quick/Easy User Service
  • This item is compatible with M3 threaded screws.
  • Euro-Format
  • Width: 168HP / 6U
  • Voltages Provided +12v/+5v/-12v 
  • 30 Euro Power Outlets
  • Capacity 10A / 10,000mA
  • Worldwide Mains-Voltage Compatibile
  • Heavy-Duty Road Case w/ User Detachable Lid
  • Dimensions: 18 1/4″ x 14 1/4″ x 6 3/4″ (36cm x 46cm x 18cm)
  • Module Depth/Clearance: 143hp @ 3 1/4″ (83mm), 25hp @ 2.5″ (64mm)
  • Lid Clearance w/Included Foam Panel: 3/4” (20mm) w/o Foam Panel 2 3/8” (60mm)
  • Mounting System: 3mm Tapped Strip in Premium Swiss Quad-Fastened Extrusions
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