Trogotronicm/624sxvi Collier Case w/ Power Switches + Intellijel 1U Rows (40A)


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Trogotronic M/624sxvi

With enough power for intense current draws, and plenty of room for all your modules, the M/624sxvi from Trogotronic delivers like no other case. With 14U/104HP, including two Intellijel-style 1U rows, you can pack it full of all your modules. The two sides separate with quick pull pins, providing two 7U/104HP cases. Deep clearance between the two sides ensures no trouble when traveling with your modules pre-patched.

Supplying a whopping 40A/40,000mA of power, it satisfies the needs of even the most demanding power requirements. Connect the case worldwide with the IEC connector with integrated power switches. Serving up a ton of power and room for an enormous amount of modules, this case from Trogotronic is killer.

M/624sxvi Features

  • 14U/104HP case
  • 40A/40,000mA of power
  • Two Intellijel-style 1U rows
  • Worldwide power compatibility
  • Built-in power switches
  • Tough and durable construction
  • Quick pull grenade pins allow for easy separation of the two sides
  • Mounting screws included
  • Power: 40A/40,000mA over +12v/+5v/-12V
  • 25″ x 16.75″ x 12″/63cm x 42cm x 30cm
Trogotronic m/624sxvi Collier Case w/ Power Switches + Intellijel 1U Rows (40A) Reviews
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