TK AudioTransceiver Universal Insert Station

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TK Audio Transceiver

Easily integrate any unbalanced audio effect into your recording setup with the Transceiver by TK Audio. There are four channels, each with send level and up to 20 dB of gain on the return, meaning that hooking up your favorite guitar pedals or vintage effects will be a breeze. Although the Transceiver was designed with effects inserts in mind, it also excels as a tool for reamping, or a four-channel DI box. The open-ended design of the Transceiver makes it an essential member of nearly any recording setup.

Transceiver Features

  • Four channel interface for connecting unbalanced gear
  • Send and returns on each channel, with up to 20dB gain on the return
  • Phase switch inverts polarity on the return signal
  • Analog Inputs: 4x Balanced XLR on rear panel, 4x 1/4" TS on front panel
  • Return Input Impedance: 1MOhm
  • Analog Outputs: 4x Balanced XLR on rear panel, 4x 1/4" TS on front panel
  • Power: 115 or 230VAC operation
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