TK AudioT-Komp Rackmount Compressor


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TK Audio T-Komp

The TK Audio T-Komp is a dual rack-mount compression unit great for adding punch and depth to any mix. The ratio acts like Vari-Mu style compressors in that it increases with signal level and is level dependent. It features two ratios, 1:1 to 20:1 or 1:1 to 2:1. The 20:1 ratio is great for instrument tracking, while the 2:1 ratio is a smaller range more suited for bus compression. The timing control has five modes, including a program dependent adaptive mode. It features a dry/wet blend for parallel compression and a link switch for stereo operation. The T-Komp can be set to feed-forward for more punchy effect or feed-back for a smoother response. A 150hz sidechain highpass filter is included on the unit to make it less sensitive to lower-frequency sounds.

T-Komp Features

  • Rack mount compression unit
  • Ratio responds like the Vari-Mu compressors
  • 150hz highpass filter
  • Blend control for parallel compression
  • 20:1 or 2:1 ratio
  • Feed-forward or feed-back modes
  • Five timing modes
  • VU meters
  • TBD
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