Tiptop AudioZ2040 Filter


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Tiptop Audio Z2040

The Z2040 VCF is Tiptop audio’s 4-pole analog filter based on that of the Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 in all its creamy elegance. The filter is capable of exceptionally crisp leads and thick basslines when paired with an appropriate EG (for example, Tiptop’s Z4000). When at full resonance, the is capable of functioning as a since-core VCO that excels at overtly percussive sounds. 

Z2040 Features

  • Similar core to the SSM2040 Filter Chip used in the Prophet 5 Rev 2 and the SSM2044 used in early EMU Samplers and PPG Synthesizers
  • From Lush Creamy Character to Extreme Growling Sounds
  • Self-oscillates, creating a clean sine oscillator
  • Modulation inputs respond well to low frequency and audio rate signals
  • Audio VCA can be configured to act upon Input or Output of the Filter
  • CV over Gain (Input or Output, user configurable), Resonance (Q), Frequency Modulation, Frequency Modulation Index
  • Eurorack Module
  • 8 HP Width
  • 42mm Depth
  • Current Draw: 20mA @ ±12V (or ±15V *some slight variation in control range may occur at ±15V usage)
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