Tiptop Audio Tape Echo Z-DSP Cartridge

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Tiptop Audio Tape Echo

TipTop Audio’s Tape Echo cartridge adds 8 tape delay algorithms to the brand’s outstanding Z-DSP processing module. The tape emulations were influenced by such classic machines as the Roland RE-201 Space Echo, Copycat, and Maestro Echoplex, with a set of custom features that let the sound of the Tape Echo stand on its own. All sorts of classic magnetic tape delay techniques can be easily recreated—and of course, completely new sounds can be reached due to the modular nature of the Z-DSP.

Tape Echo Features

  • Tiptop Audio Tape Delay Z-DSP Cartridge
  • 8 distinct tape delay algorithms
  • Character: Analog Tape Echo, Dub, Slapback, Feedback Delay Trails
  • Voltage Controlled Tape Delay Algorithm Collection
  • Tiptop Audio Z-DSP Cartridge
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