Tiptop AudioPolytip Polyphonic Eurorack Patch Cable

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Tiptop Audio Polytip

Polytip is a new type of modular synthesizer patch cable from Tiptop Audio, containing multiple independent signal paths for simpler polyphonic patching. If you've ever tried to make legitimate polyphonic patches on a modular synthesizer, then you know how many modules and cables are involved. With Polytip, Tiptop Audio proposes a new, consolidated format that puts multiple signals onto a single cable.

New modules such as VORTEX 6, OCTOPASS, and others allow for full polyphonic signal paths to be created from start to finish, while others like OCTO I/O and HEXAGAIN serve as intermediary stages converting between formats. In any case, Polytip cables reduce the headache and clutter involved in bringing your dream polyphonic patches to life.

Polytip Features

  • Multi-core patch cable for modular synthesizers
  • Multiple shielded signal paths inside
  • Supports over eight channels of audio or CV
  • Utilizes USB-C connector (does not function as USB-C cable)
  • Connector: USB-C style
  • Available lengths: TBD
  • DOES NOT operate as a USB cable
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