Tiptop Audio Glitchmachines SBSTRT Card

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Tiptop Audio SBSTRT

Note: For use with the Tiptop Audio One Digital Audio Flux Eurorack Module

Tiptop Audio's SBSTRT card expansion for the One Eurorack sampler features 256 samples of natural, raw earth sounds, all of which were created by manipulating numerous materials such as metal, stone, ice, earth, plastic, wood, vegetables, fruit and liquid to name just a few. These raw & unprocessed sounds were carefully edited to highlight their percussive qualities, making them an ideal counterpart to the electronic modular sound palette.

All samples on the card are available for playback at 48k, 64k and 96k for maximum versatility in pitch control while maintaining latencies of as low as 0.25 ms.

SBSTRT Features

  • Options for 48kHz, 64 kHz and 96kHz playback
  • 60 samples
  • SD Card
  • Only compatible with the Tiptop Audio One Digital Audio Flux Eurorack Module
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