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Tiptop Audio Dragonfly Delay Z-DSP Cartridge

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Tiptop Audio Z-DSP Dragonfly Delay Cartridge

The Dragonfly delay cartridge by Tiptop Audio features 8 time-based delay algorithms that draw on the influence of tape echo machines to give users the ability to create everything from normal delay effects, polyrhythms, ping-pong delays, and multi-tap delays. As most parameters are CV’able, users can warp, pitch shift, or manipulate the sample rate of processed signals to achieve a variety of complex sounds.

Z-DSP Dragonfly Delay Cartridge Features

  • Tiptop Audio Dragonfly Delay Z-DSP Cartridge
  • A Collection of 8 Voltage-Controlled Digital Time-Based Delays in Mono and Stereo
  • 8 Delay Algorithms
  • Program 1: Mono Delay with Low Pass Filter on Feedback
  • Program 2: Stereo Ping-Pong
  • Program 3: Stereo Delay with Independent Time per Channel
  • Program 4: Stereo Delay with Independent Feedback per Channel
  • Program 5: 3 Taps Stereo Delay Line (25% Feedback)
  • Program 6: 3 Taps Stereo Delay Line (75% Feedback)
  • Program 7: Stereo In/Out Polyrhythm
  • Program 8: Mono In/Stereo Out Polyrhythm
  • Feedback, Delay Time, L/R Ratio, Tap Levels all under Voltage-Control
  • Voltage Controlled Digital Delay Algorithm Collection
  • Tiptop Audio Z-DSP Cartridge
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