Thermionic CulturePullet Passive Stereo EQ


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Thermionic Culture Pullet

The Thermionic Culture Pullet is a passive EQ with an obsessive focus on mid frequencies. The device reduces an incoming signal to the extent that a preamp with up to 40dB of gain is required to bring the signal up to unity. At its core, the device is not just another classic passive EQ, but a variation that offers exemplary control over the mid range. It lends a variable Q boost extending up to 21dB and spanning over 11 frequencies. Additionally, an integrated High Top parameter initializes some shelving style filters that can either boost or cut high frequencies.

Pullet Features

  • Passive natural sounding EQ with a sharp focus on mid range frequencies
  • Provides a variation on the classic passive EQ designs with an improvement in choice and control in the mid range
  • ‘Air’ type control for high top lift/cut
  • Can be used with almost any mic preamp available with a gain of around 40dB
  • Exceptional amount of lift (over 20dB), and cut available
  • Balanced” in and out on XLR connectors
  • Output impedance (with Pullet eq. in and set flat, ie. no cut or boost): 1.3kΩ
  • Input impedance (with Pullet eq. in and set flat, ie. no cut or boost): 15kΩ
  • Maximum Mid Lift: 21dB
  • Maximum Mid Cut: -17dB
  • Max High Top Lift: 6dB
  • Max High Top Cut: -9dB
  • Frequency response with no Eq ±0.3dB: 17Hz to 50kHz
  • Input and Output connectors: 4x3 pin XLRs, wired balanced, pin 2 hot
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