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Thermionic CulturePhoenix HG15 High-Gain Compressor


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Thermionic Culture Phoenix HG15

Thermionic Culture's Phoenix HG15 is a mono valve compressor based on their stellar Phoenix SB, pushing the input gain as well as adding frequency shaping while still retaining it's vari-mu stylings. Not only accepting line-level signals, the Phoenix HG15 offers mic preamplification with a stellar 52dB of available gain as well as two bass roll offs, an -14dB pad, and +48V phantom power to juice up your needy condenser mics. The compressor offers fixed positions on both the threshold and the time constant, the latter of which dictates pre-determined values for the attack and release features. The Phoenix HG15's compression ratio is dictated by the amount of compression applied, with the maximum at threshold setting five that pushes your signal heavily into a limiting effect. In addition to compression, the active EQ section below offers not only a variable amount of boost in the mid range but also can lift the high end from 10kHz to 18kHz variations. With linking capabilities to link two units for dual or stereo operation, the Phoenix HG15 supplies the smacking valve-style compression you've been looking for to any line or mic level signal.

Phoenix HG15 Features

  • High-gain valve compressor
  • Accepts line of mic-level signals with up to 52dB of gain (14dB pad available)
  • Supports condenser mics with +48V phantom power
  • Input bass cut (off, 50Hz, 100Hz)
  • Two-band active EQ focused on boosts in the mids and high end
  • Compressor ratio increases with amount of compression up to limiting
  • Five threshold positions and six time constants setting the attack and release settings
  • Sidechain to bass cut option
  • Link input for linking two units together
  • Input: 1x XLR
  • Output: 1x XLR
  • Link input: 1x TRS 1/4"
  • Maximum output level: +25dBu
  • S/N ratio: 96dB
  • Net weight: 4kg
  • Power consumption: 19W
Thermionic Culture Phoenix HG15 High-Gain Compressor Reviews