Thermionic CultureFat Bustard II LE Summing Mixer (Unbalanced)


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Thermionic Culture Fat Bustard II LE

For bringing your mixes to life across multiple spectrums, Thermionic Culture's Fat Bustard II LE has got your back with its 14 channels of summing capability running through an all-valve signal path. This limited edition model of the Fat Bustard II is not only special because of its forest green paneling, but also because of its almost completely unbalanced signal path with shorted pins on the main outputs and floating ground pin for a pure and uninterrupted experience. That said, the transformerless signal path can accept balanced inputs from mixers or your audio interface and only enhance them without having loss of any part of the signal in between.

Looking at the Fat Bustard II LE, you have 14 individual inputs grouped in premade stereo pairs as well as several switchable mono inputs with panning controls. Utilize only what you need with the on/off switches connected to each input and section of the Fat Bustard II LE, and sum them into the fantastic processing of EQ, spatialization, and harmonic saturation. The EQ section offers both a lift and a cut on the bass and top end of the spectrum, while the spatialization focuses on the stereo spread with an overall amount, balance control, spread filter curve, and a bass to center control that determines the frequency spread or even sums to mono.

The thing that the Fat Bustard II is most commonly used for is its six amazing colorations to bring out harmonic content and adding life to your mixes, and the LE version does not disappoint. However, because the LE version contains an expanded frequency response as well as a lower noise floor, this Fat Bustard II acts slightly milder with the harmonic accentuation. That said, its power is not to be messed with, and with an extra monitor output that can A/B between an external source, the Fat Bustard II LE makes for a unique yet desirable flavor of a beloved summing mixer, enriching any tracks with tubey goodness.

Fat Bustard II LE Features

  • 14-channel all valve, passive summing mixer
  • Special edition extends the frequency response in both directions as well as the noise floor down to -103dB at least
  • Unbalanced outputs and "semi-floating" unbalanced inputs
  • Eight stereo and four mono inputs with level control
  • Pan control on the four mono inputs
  • Two auxiliary inputs with center or spatializing options
  • Bass and top end lift and cut parameters (individually engageable)
  • Stereo spread control with amount, L/R level balance, and EQ curve
  • Four bass to center options for stereo spread
  • Six individual Attitude options for adding harmonic coloration
  • Main output and monitor output with individual level controls
  • External input for referencing out of the monitor outputs
  • Inputs: 14x XLR, 2x TRS 1/4"
  • Outputs: 2x XLR, 2x TRS 1/4"
  • Maximum output level: +25dBu
  • S/N Ratio (30kHz filter): at least 103dB below MOL(@ Attitude 1)
  • Frequency response (+/- 1dB): 11Hz to 55kHz (@ Attitude 1)
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