SOMA LaboratoryThe Pipe Dynamic FX Processor (White)

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SOMA Laboratory The Pipe

SOMA Laboratory's The Pipe is the next step in mouth-controlled FX. It offers a new way to use one's voice in the context of an experimental or electronic composition. Designed by musicians for musicians, The Pipe's tactful layout is immediately recognizable in its design; its quirky shape facilitates easy handling during a performance by allowing the player to grip it with a single hand.

The Pipe makes use of a high-quality, ultra-sensitive contact microphone that vastly expands its usability. Its ability to pick up breath and lip placement make it a powerful performance tool, especially for applications with more experimental leanings. Because of its design, The Pipe is not limited to conventional singing, though it can certainly handle that approach just fine.

There are 12 intuitive algorithms contained therein. Each one opens a new realm of possibility, granting access to previously unexplored levels of expression.

This is the WHITE version of The Pipe.

The Pipe Features

  • Dynamic FX processor with 12 algorithms
  • Comprised of a handheld piece and breakout box
  • Sensitive contact mic is easily influenced by subtle motions like breath and lip position
  • XLR connection
  • Includes adapter and XLR cable


  • Orpheus
  • Filterra
  • Synth
  • Reverb
  • Madelay
  • Pulse
  • Bassdrum
  • Switchable Bassdrum
  • Bassdrum + Snare
  • Oktava
  • Generator
  • Harcho
  • Max input voltage 2.5V p-p
  • Input Impedance 250 kOhm
  • Nom Output Voltage: 2V p-p
  • Mx output voltage: 9V p-p
  • Power requirements: AC input — 90-240 V. DC output + 12 V
  • Current Draw: 80mA
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