Tenderfoot ElectronicsCells Expander for Lattice


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Tenderfoot Electronics Cells

Cells is an expander for the Lattice 12-step sequencer from Tenderfoot Electronics, greatly expanding on the functionality of the sequencer. It adds a 4x3 grid of keys, forwards/backwards mode, random step input, CV addressing, and a gate output.

The keys on Cells's 4x3 keypad correspond to the steps of Lattice, and pushing a key will cause the sequence to jump to that location. One application of this is to skip between rows and columns when only sequencing in one direction, creating repeating three or four-step sequences that can be changed by pressing on another location for a new short repeating sequence. In standard gate mode, pressing a key will also cause the gate output to go high and disable the sequence from moving from that sequence location. In the alternative gate mode, the gate will output a ratcheting sequence of gates when a key is pressed based on the input gate signals. In either mode, the sequence will stop for however long a key is pressed down. Forwards/reverse mode can be controlled by a button or with a gate signal. This reverses the sequencer behavior when this input receives a signal over 2.5V or the button is pressed.

The random step input will place the sequence in a random step location whenever a signal is present. The CV intput allows you to address the sequencer location, moving the sequence along in an order based on the level of the incoming control voltage.

Cells is a fantastic addition to the Lattice sequencer, expanding the functionality and opening up the sequencing possibilities.

Cells Features

  • Expander for Lattice sequencer
  • 4x3 keypad for selecting sequencer location
  • Gate output
  • Random trigger input
  • CV input for addressing sequencer location
  • Reverse input and button
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 16hp
  • Depth: 35mm
  • Current draw: 24mA @ +12V
Tenderfoot Electronics Cells Expander for Lattice Reviews