Teenage EngineeringPocket Operator PO-30 Synthesizer + Drum Machine 3-Pack


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Teenage Engineering PO-30 3-Pack

This pack includes three of Teenage Engineering's Pocket Operators, including the PO-32 Tonic drum synthesizer, the PO-33 KO sampler, and PO-35 voice synth. While each are formidable instruments in their own right, they form an even more powerful force when combined.

PO-30 3-Pack Features

  • 3 Pocket Operators
  • PO-32 Tonic is a drum synthesizer with an integrated 16-step sequencer
  • PO-33 KO is a sampler module with a total sampling time of 40 seconds
  • PO-35 Speak is a vocal synth with an integrated effects processor and 120 seconds of sampling time
  • Manufacturer part number: TE010BL030
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