Teenage EngineeringPocket Operator PO-20 3-Pack

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Teenage Enginering PO-20 3-Pack

All three PO-20 Pocket Operators in one package!

Experience a fresh new way to create music using your thumbs. With its pocket size, its animated graphics, real synthesizer engines, sync, punch-in effects, built-in speaker, alarm clock and impossibly low price, making electronic music has never been this much fun.

Pocket Operators are cleverly designed on a single circuit board. By placing all vital and sensitive components under the LCD display there's no need for an outer case. By saving this cost, high quality components could be used to guarantee the best possible sound and very low power consumption. The space under the display also doubles as a speaker box.

The PO-20 is a handheld micro synthesizer and composer with a built in sequencer, parameter locks, and punch-in effects.

The PO-24 is a handheld micro noise synthesizer and sequencer with parameter locks, 16 different sounds and punch-in effects.

The PO-28 is a handheld micro performance synthesizer and sequencer with parameter locks, individual step re-triggering and punch-in effects.

PO-20 3-Pack Features

  • Pocket Sized!
  • LCD Display
  • Folding Stand
  • Sequencer Parameter Locks
  • Chord Chaining
  • 15 Sounds + Microdrum
  • 16 Sound
  • 16 Effects
  • Live play + Sequencer Combo
  • Built-in Sequencer
  • Solo Control
  • Audio In/Out
  • Jam Sync for connecting other Pocket Operators
  • Alarm Clock
  • Power: Two AAA Batteries each
  • Size: H 5" x L 3" x W .5" each
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