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TC ElectronicPolytune 3 MINI Tuner


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TC Electronic Polytune 3 MINI

TC Electronic returns with the newest and cutest in their line of tuning pedals—the Polytune 3 MINI, a fast-acting high-quality polyphonic tuner. The pedal also features a "Bonafide Buffer" that keeps tone degradation to a minimum. This makes this the perfect tuning pedal for guitarists who need to quickly tune multiple strings at once but don't want to spend a lot of space on their pedal board to do so.

Polytune 3 MINI Features

  • Polyphonic tuning pedal
  • "Bonafide Buffer" provides maximum tone retention
  • Dimensions: 1/4 TS I/O
  • Power Specs: "Bonafide Buffer" for maximum tone retention
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