Tasty ChipsECR-1 Convolution Reverb Processor


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Tasty Chips ECR-1

The Tasty Chips ECR-1 is a fully featured, true stereo convolution reverb for the Eurorack format designed to create and simulate natural reverbs. Convolution reverbs use sampled audio to simulate real life spaces, or when used in tandem with creative sampling techniques, can create unreal effects!

Use the built-in samples or record your own impulse responses in real time and immediately convert them into reverberation spaces. Four modulation inputs allow control of sample position, crossfade, stereo width, and one assignable input. Additionally, you can control the pitch-bend and high pass filter with quality ALPS potentiometers. The built-in true-color OLED display provides precise feedback when dialing in envelope settings for your response samples, and the crossfade functions allow for two simultaneous reverbs to be blended and manipulated with ease. Save your responses as presets on either USB or SD Storage. The ECR-1 can accept line level signals in addition to Eurorack level, making it a flexible processing tool for both performance and studio spaces.

ECR-1 Features

  • True Stereo convolution reverb
  • Dual simultaneous reverb with cross faders
  • Multi-channel 1.5" OLED display
  • 48 kHz stereo or dual mono input
  • Record and use impulse responses to and from USB / SD
  • Four modulation CV inputs
  • Envelope controls with dedicated attack and release knobs
  • Pitchbend, highpass, and stereo width controls
  • Dedicated dry and wet controls with adjustable gain
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  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 26hp
  • Depth: 5cm
  • Current draw: 400 mA @ +12V, 21 [email protected] -12V
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