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Tall Dog ElectronicsuClouds SE Texture Synthesizer (Silver)


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Tall Dog Electronics uClouds SE

uClouds SE texture synthesizer is a miniature version of the much beloved Mutable Instruments Clouds module. Though presented in the form that is more than half times smaller than the original, uClouds retains all the functionality and playability. uClouds makes it extremely easy to generate anything from harsh granular glitches to emulated tape warble to rich atmospheric soundbeds.

uClouds SE Features

  • Powerfull granular processing engine
  • Lush internal reverb
  • Pitch-shifting
  • Buffer freeze
  • Depth: 43 mm
  • +12V: 120 mA
  • -12V: 10 mA
Product Demo Videos
Tall Dog uRings & uClouds SE With Make Noise Pressure Points
We were pretty sure no one has ever posted this patch on YouTube before so we thought we would share it with you... Rings into Clouds... It sounds pretty awesome! We used the micro versions from Tall Dog Electronics in this video and triggered it with the Make Noise Pressure Points attached to a brains.

uRings is a physical modeling resonator that can have audio sent in or be pinged with a trigger. uClouds is a granular sampler, delay and reverb that can turn any input into a texture. Tall dog also make micro versions of Braids and Ornament and Crime modules.
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