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Synthrotek Ratatak Distortion

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Synthrotek Ratatak

The Synthrotek Ratatak Distortion Pedal is a clone of the RAT pedal, albeit with some extensive upgrades that open up sonic space inaccessible by its predecessor. The pedal is capable of different flavors of grittiness sourced from multiple ICs. There are also dedicated controls for Drive, R-Tone, Filter, and Level parameters. The Level knob determines the output level, the R-Tone manages bass frequencies, Filter fine-tunes the high-frequency response, and Drive increased or decreases the signal gain. 

Ratatak  Features

  • 4 controls - Volume, Drive, Filter, and R-Tone - to customize tone
  • Volume sets the output level, Drive lets users determine the signal gain, Filter dials in the high frequency response, and R-Tone turns up bass frequencies from clean to fuzzy grit
  • DIP Switch Diode Clipping - On-board 4PST DIP Switch selects between 4 different clipping diodes to drastically alter the sound; Turn on the stock version 1N4148s, LEDs, Germanium diodes, or none at all with flick of a little switch - Tons to tweak!
  • PCB is designed around the original RAT tone IC, the LM308 single op amp, for the vintage tone; The updated version of the RAT line of pedals uses an inferior-sounding OP07DP op amp IC — Get the vintage tone!
  • 3PDT switch layout allows for true bypass switching and the LED indicator gives users a visual cue when the RAT Distortion Pedal Clone circuit is engaged and using power
  • Dual power supplies (9V Battery and +9V DC =>200mA Center Negative DC Adapter Power Supplies) allow users to have the battery as backup or as the main power
  • Input jack switching - No instrument cable plugged in, no power used — Save life on your expensive batteries!
  • True Bypass Switching
  • 9V DC Center-Negative BOSS style wall-wart (Not Included) or 9V DC Battery
  • Handmade in Portland, Oregon
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