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Synthmonger Fuzzmonger MKI Fuzz

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Synthmonger Fuzzmonger MkI

The Fuzzmonger mk1 is a voltage-controllable fuzz with built-in envelope generator. With extended controls offering a Fuzz smelting lab's worth of possibilities, the Fuzzmonger is great for everything from swells, percussive sounds, and glitchy destructive noise.

Fuzzmonger MkI Features

  • Input - guitar, modular synth, toy, etc. plugs in here.
  • Output - this goes to your mixer or amplifier.
  • Fuzz stereo expression pedal input or mono cv input for the Fuzz (drive). voltage range is 0-10V
  • Filter stereo expression pedal input or mono cv input for the filter. voltage range is 0-10V
  • Fuzz control for input drive
  • Filter cutoff frequency control
  • Gain - Controls the final output volume. Just before noon posistion will introduce soft-clipping distortion into the circuit. This section comes at the end of the entire
  • circuit.
  • Switchable attack-decay envelope generator built in
  • Note - this product is not battery powered!
  • 9 volt, 2.1 mm, negative tip power jack (not included)
  • Rugged Pedal Enclsoure
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