Super SynthesisVCAs + Scanner Bundle

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Super Synthesis VCAs + Scanner Bundle

With this special bundle from Super Synthesis, you can extend the functionality of your VCAs with a free Scanner module, opening the door to unique mixing and crossfading opportunities. This deal won't last forever, so get it while supplies last!

Super Synthesis' VCAs is a four channel, DC-coupled VCA module. Slider controlled, you get reliable visual confirmation of the volume of modulation level going out of each channel. Each input has an attenuverter with bi-polar LED that lets you know whether you're positive or negative. Able to function as four individual VCAs or in groups, each channel is normalized to the next, meaning you could have one signal sent to four different places or any combination therein. VCAs from Super Synthesis is a great addition to any system big or small.

Scanner from Super Synthesis is a handy utility module designed to convert a single 0–5V input signal into four overlapping triangle waves (in the style of the now-discontinued Doepfer A-144 Morphing Controller). It is perfect for creating two-four way crossfades with VCAs or waveshaping as it will convert any continuous waveform into a set of overlapping triangle waves. But of course, the range of possible applications of Scanner extend beyond that—experimentations will prove to be rewarding.

VCAs + Scanner Bundle Features

  • Limited Bundle of VCAs and Scanner
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