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Super SynthesisSVFs + ISO Bundle

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Super Synthesis SVFs + ISO Bundle

Super Synthesis is offering a special bundle for their SVFs filter module, where you can receive an ISO two-band EQ module for free—only available while supplies last. This is a great opportunity to add capable tools for sonic sculpting to your rack.

SVFs from Super Synthesis brings two identical state-variable filters together in a single module packed with functional and creative features. At its core, SVFs offers three filtered outputs that share a cutoff frequency and resonance control. Offering 12dB/Oct lowpass and highpass slopes alongside a 6dB/oct bandpass, you have a wide range of shaping tools to sculpt your signals. Because the inputs are DC-coupled, you can use the smooth and powerful sound of SVFs to add depth to your audio or utilize it for manipulating CV as a wave shaper for LFOs, slew for pitch CV, and tons of other possibilities.

When resonance is at its maximum, SVFs will self-oscillate to produce a sine wave at its outputs, with each being 90 degrees out of phase with one another. This offers opportunities for quadrature LFOs, wonky phase manipulation, and so much more. To get modulating, SVFs offers a 1V/Oct input and another CV input with a dedicated attenuverter—perfect for frequency modulation or slower envelope and LFO usage.

Whether you're looking for processing multiple signals, two stages of filtering, or sculpting your CV in new and interesting ways, look no further than Super Synthesis' SVFs.

ISO is a DJ-style two band equalizer for Eurorack modular synthesizers from Super Synthesis. Featuring a input, an output, and two knobs that control the high and low bands, this module is a perfect companion to mixing or output modules for full control over your mix. Or use it to dial in certain sounds with surgical precision—you'll no doubt find countless uses for this deceptively simple but tremendously powerful module.

SVFs + ISO Bundle Features

  • Limited bundle of SVFs and ISO
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