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Studio ElectronicsMidimini V30 Analog Synthesizer


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Studio Electronics Midimini V30

Studio Electronics's Midimini V30 is the rebirth of one of their most important instruments: a 4U, rackmountable Minimoog with extended sonic options and semi-modular patchability. Featuring the classic Minimoog voice architecture rife with refinements and augmentations, Midimini V30 takes one of the best-loved synth designs of all time and brings it strongly into a new decade.

The Midimini V30 features three dedicated wide-range audio oscillators with independently selectable waveform, register, and fine tuning. These and the internal white/pink noise source are combined in the mixer section, complete with potential for additional feedback and drive. From there, the signal passes to the 24dB Ladder filter and then on to the VCA, each under control of a dedicated Contour (envelope generator). The final output section features dedicated feedback and level controls, as well as a Drone option for always-on VCA techniques.

But there's much more to the Midimini that all that. It features both linear and exponential glide, a dedicated modulation mixer, and a powerful LFO. The LFO features nine selectable shapes, from classic sines and pulses to smooth and stepped random signals. What's more, the LFO can easily reach into audio rates, providing an excellent source for oscillator and filter FM...which enables huge, clangorous sounds impossible on a classic Minimoog. And of course, the Midimini also adds oscillator sync, oscillator cross-modulation options, and ring modulation, making for an enormous sonic palette that you've never heard out of a Model D.

The Midimini V30 is also full of internal and external modulation via panel switches and loads of 1/8" CV I/O on the front panel. This makes it a breeze to integrate with Eurorack or other desktop semi-modular devices, either as a CV source or destination.

No doubt the most feature-laden Minimoog descendant currently available, the Midimini V30 explodes the Model D's feature set and fills in all the cracks, creating an instrument both faithful to the original and full of exciting new potential.

Midimini V30 Features

  • Reborn Midimini: a rackmountable, MIDI-controllable Minimoog by Studio Electronics
  • Through-hole construction for easy long-term maintenance
  • Semi-modular design for easy integration with Eurorack synthesizers and self-patching
  • 4-pole, 24dB/Oct lowpass ladder filter
  • Integrated cross mod and ring mod
  • Boomstar Modular-style saturation and overdrive
  • Dedicated output feedback control
  • Multi-waveform LFO capable of audio-rate modulation
  • Dedicated LFO output
  • Variable-depth sync
  • Drone mode for keyboard-less sound sculpting
  • Linear and exponential glide options
  • Front-panel audio input with gain control
  • MIDI learn for select features
  • Independent CV inputs for each oscillator
  • MIDI-syncable LFO
  • CV control for filter and amplifier
  • Dimensions: 19 x 6.125 x 7.5" (4U, 19" rackmount)
  • Power: 100 to 240VAC input, 500mA
  • MIDI: In & Thru via 5-pin DIN
  • Audio output: 1/4" TS
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