Studio Electronics Boomstar 8106 Analog Synthesizer Module

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Studio Electronics Boomstar 8106

The latest addition to the acclaimed Boomstar line of analog monosynths combines Studio Electronics' signature massive VCOs and snappy envelopes with their 8106 filter, a smooth, colorful high-pass-into-low-pass reminiscent of the VCFs found in Roland's classic Juno and Jupiter analog polysynths.

The Boomstar 8106 is the first of Studio Electronics' "refaced" Boomstars, and features a new, easier-to-navigate dark panel, color-coded knobs, and improvements in the gain circuitry.

Boomstar 8106 Features

  • All analog semi-modular monophonic synthesizer
  • 2 discrete voltage controlled oscillators
  • Jupiter/Juno-style filter
  • ADSR envelopes for filter and amplifier
  • LFO with extensive routing options
  • Oscillator X-Mod
  • 1V/octave CV in
  • Gate in
  • Filter cutoff CV in
  • Amplifier modulation in
  • VCO direct out
  • External signal in
  • Midi In
  • Midi Out
  • 1/4" Audio out
  • DC power input
  • Learn switch: Select midi channel, note priority, aftertouch and mod wheel assignment
  • Overflow Switch for polyphonic "Boom-Starring"
  • Sturdy steel chassis
  • New easy-to-read black panel
  • Classic through hole circuit boards
  • Dimensions: 7.05" x 8.7" x 3.6"
  • Includes AC adaptor
Product Demo Videos
Analogue Solutions Generator Step Sequencer & Studio Electronics Boomstar 8106
The Analogue Solutions Generator is a combination multi-channel sequencer and touch controller perfect for taking control of your modular or semi-modular synthesizers. Designed for real-time improvisational performance, the Generator allows you to alter the rhythm and generate variations by using the onboard touch plates. In this video, we use the Generator to tie together a setup that includes the Studio Electronics Boomstar 8106 desktop synth, Roland TR-08 drum machine, and a Koma Field Kit FX.
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