Strange ElectronicLightstorm LED Controller


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Strange Electronic Lightstorm

The Lightstorm module from Strange Electronic allows for the modular to interface with LED lighting, such as the Lightstorm case, also from Strange Electronic. Lightstorm has six parameters: pattern (PAT), speed (SPD), color (COL), saturation(SAT), brightness (BRT), and a trigger input. The inputs accept CV from -5v to +5v, which sums with the attenuator and control knob to create a value between 0v and 5v.

The pattern control transitions between the five patterns available per style, each with a different set of movements, shapes, and color palette. The speed input controls the speed of a pattern and the trigger input initializes it. The color parameter selects two colors from a palette and applies them to the pattern; each pattern features two colors and can blend them. With the saturation control at 100%, the two colors are both at full saturation. Between 100% and 50%, one color blends into another until there is one color with full saturation. Below 50%, one color is desaturated until it becomes fully white. The brightness control affects the brightness of the LEDs. It can be modulated faster than the other parameters, allowing the creation of strobing effects.

There are four banks, which each contain five patterns, selected by a button near the pattern knob. The four banks are ambient, trigger, glitch, and utility. The ambient bank is used for soft lighting effects and features constant but subtle motion. The trigger bank is centered around the trigger input. The patterns are all dark until the module receives a trigger at the input, and pairs well with rhythmic patches. The glitch bank features randomness in its patterns and rough textures as well as frantic motion when the module receives trigger inputs. The utility bank is intended to just illuminate something. It features no dark spots in its patterns and in this mode the speed control affects the position or speed of a shape along a path.

Lightstorm Features

  • Modular to LED interface
  • Control of pattern, speed, color, saturation, brightness
  • Trigger input intializes patterns
  • Four banks with five patterns each with a different palette
  • CV attenuators
  • For use with the Lightstorm case or other LED lighting interface
  • LED bar included with purchase
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 10hp
  • Depth: 40mm
  • Current draw: 20mA @ +12V, 60mA @ +5V
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