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StarlingSYNC Clock-Synced Signal Source


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Starling SYNC

From tonal relationships to rhythmic relationships, music is about the interplay between related signals—and Starling's SYNC module takes full advantage of this. SYNC is a wavetable oscillator that takes a master timing signal and locks onto its frequency and phase, with adjustable ratios for internal signal generators. It can operate at audio rates or sub audio rates. Ratios of audio rate signals create tonal relationships, while sub audio signals create rhythmic relationships.

The ratios are available on a two-dimensional grid, selected by the X and Y parameters. These range from simple ratios such as 2:1, to more esoteric ratios such as 7:5 and even non-integer ratios. Four banks of wavetables are available to be selected and morphed through, which determines the slope of the crossfading contour. An internal crossfader is driven by the contour of the wavetable, with an A and B input, available at its dedicated output. Both a track and hold and resample modes are available which affect the crossfading between the A and B input and their voltage levels. The X ratio parameter has a dedicated input, while the Mod CV is assignable to Y ratio, phase offset, or skew; selected by the Mod page.

An analog assignable output can either produce a triangle wave, or the waveform directly from the contour. The digital assignable output is a logic signal that is active during a selectable period of the contour, while the secondary digital output outputs a trigger whenever the frequency ratio is altered. A powerful source of both audio and modulation sources, the SYNC takes signals and creates related signals based on a selected ratio. And of course, because SYNC is based on Starling's VIA platform, you can easily swap the firmware to turn it into a completely different module.

SYNC Features

  • Clock synced signal source
  • Locks onto the phase and frequency of an incoming timing signal
  • Ratios organized into a 2D grid that can be scanned through with the X and Y parameters
  • Four banks of wavetables for the contour
  • Cross fade between A and B inputs
  • Track + hold and resample functions for the crossfaded inputs
  • Assignable gate output
  • Contour or triangle output
  • Assignable mod input
  • Includes expander
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 12hp
  • Depth: 38mm
  • Current draw: 110mA @ +12V, 50mA @ -12V
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