StarlingATSR Crossfading Envelope

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Starling ATSR

Related to an ADSR envelope, the ATSR is a fully voltage controlled envelope generator with some tricks up its sleeve to expand the expectations of what an envelope can do. Instead of a decay portion of the envelope that decays from a higher positive voltage to a lower still positive one, the T setting can go from any attack voltage to any sustain voltage over a +/-10V range.

The level inputs for the attack and sustain are fully voltage controllable and do not affect the overall timing of the envelope. A sample and hold mode allows for random modulation of envelope amplitudes and slope times with an external noise sourceā€”or use another voltage source for a different flavor of level modulation. The attack time, T time, and decay time settings have a wide range from 3ms up to four seconds and are fully voltage controllable. These each have their own slopes with exponential, linear, sinusoid, and logarithmic slopes. The envelope is fired off using the gate input as you would expect from a traditional envelope generator, and also features a retrig input which retriggers the envelope if not in the attack portion of the envelope.

In addition to the envelope output, several gate outputs allow for syncing the ATSR with other modules, or patch programming to unlock new features. The loop gate output goes high when the release stage is complete and if patched to the gate input, self cycles the envelope. The Seg output is assignable to any of the envelope stages, while the delay output mirrors the input gate, delayed by the A and T times. Internal sample and hold, bipolar level ranges, CV control over all envelope times, three separate gate outputs, the ATSR is in a class all its own as a four-stage envelope generator. And of course, because ATSR is based on Starling's VIA platform, it is simple to swap the firmware and completely change its overall behavior.

ATSR Features

  • Voltage controlled four-stage envelope generator
  • Bipolar level control for attack and sustain
  • T traverses the level from attack to sustain throughout the +/-10V range
  • CV over attack and sustain level
  • CV over attack, T, and decay times
  • Internal sample and hold for the attack and sustain levels
  • Loop envelope for self cycling envelopes
  • Assignable Seg gate output
  • Delay output copies the incoming gate signal, delayed by the attack and T times
  • Slopes from 3ms to four seconds
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 12hp
  • Depth: 38mm
  • Current draw: 110mA @ +12V, 50mA @ -12V
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