Solid State LogicUF8 Advanced DAW Control Surface

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Solid State Logic UF8

Solid State Logic's UF8 is an eight-channel studio controller, perfect for streamlining and optimizing your workflow within your DAW of choice. The intuitive workflow and assignable controls make it an indispensable studio tool with your favorite functions and parameters right at your fingertips.

Eight 100mm long-throw touch-sensitive faders give precise control over vital parameters such as volume to get all your instruments sitting perfectly in the mix. 43 assignable user keys across five configurable banks allow you to map essential shortcuts and macros within easy reach to help keep you working smoothly, without interruption. If you need to expand your system, link multiple units together for extended control over your DAW. SSL's 360° software ensures fast configuration of the UF8, allowing you to set up controller presets with up to three DAW layers for simultaneous session control. Position the UF8 to your exact needs using the included stand with six different angles and elevation. Using a 19" rackmount kit, the UF8 easily fits into your studio rack setup.

If you want comprehensive control over your DAW, the UF8 is a fantastic choice.

UF8 Features

  • DAW controller
  • Eight 100m long-throw touch-sensitive faders
  • Eight endless rotary encoders
  • 43 assignable user keys across five banks of eight keys and three quick keys
  • Switch between three connected DAWs simultaneously
  • Thru port allows for multiple units to be chained together
  • Works with all major DAWs
  • High-resolution color displays
  • Mouse scroll emulation controls any parameter you hover the mouse over
  • 360° software includes drag-n-drop configuration for easy setup
  • Bundled with SSL Native Vocalstrip 2 and Drumstrip plug-ins
  • Channels: eight
  • Faders: 100mm touch-sensitive
  • 43 assignable buttons
  • Eight endless rotary encoders
  • USB connection plus thru port for chaining multiple units together
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Solid State Logic UF8 Advanced DAW Control Surface Reviews