SoundrisePRO-9 9-Inch Speaker Stand Pair

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Soundrise PRO-9 9-Inch Speaker Stand Pair

Mount your monitors on a pair of PRO-9 9-Inch Speaker Stands and hear the difference, including minimized acoustic vibration, buzz, and sympathetic resonance—and just an all around clearer sound. These stands provide 9" of vertical clearance under your monitors, which also means they're a great space saving solution in addition to improving the sound of your studio.

PRO-9 9-Inch Speaker Stand Pair Features

  • Acoustically isolated studio monitor stands
  • Provide 9 inches of vertical clearance
  • Includes silicone rubber feet, pre-attached
  • Compatible with most 5- to 8-inch studio monitors including:
    • Yamaha HS5, HS7, HS8
    • KRK Rokit 5, Rokit 7
    • JBL 305P MkII. 306P MkII, LSR 305, LSR 308
    • Audioengine A5+
    • Polk S15
    • Presonus Eris 4.5
    • Eve Audio SC205, SC207
    • Adam Audio S2V, T5V, T7V, A7V
    • M-Audio BX5 D3, BX8 D3, AV32, AV42
    • Genelec 8010D, 8020D, 8030C, 8040B
    • Mackie CR4
    • KEF LS50
    • KLIPSCH R-51PM
    • Edifier S1000DB, S2000 Pro
    • And most other 5" to 8" studio monitors
  • Pre-Attached Silicone Rubber Feet included
  • Fits most 5 to 8-inch studio monitors
  • Top plate dimensions: 6.5" W x 8.5" D
  • Bottom plate dimensions: 7.6" W x 9" D
  • 9" lift between top and bottom plates
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