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SoundforceVCF/VCA 6 Juno-Style Filter + VCA

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Soundforce VCF/VCA 6

If you've ever wanted a bit of Juno charm in your Eurorack system, look no further than the VCF/VCA 6 from Soundforce. With its two channel mixer, lowpass and highpass filters, and built-in VCA, this module offers a significant amount of function to any modular setup.

As you might guess, the main attraction here is the luscious lowpass filter, maintaining the liquid response and character the Juno instruments are known for. A welcome addition by Soundforce is the option to switch between the original four pole filter slope and a more mellow two pole slope. Like the original, the filter will self-oscillate, and a 1V/Oct input allows for accurate pitch tracking from keyboards or sequencers, alongside two standard FM inputs and CV control over resonance.

Low pass filtering isn't all this module has to offer, as the name VCF/VCA implies. The two channel mixer sums signals into the VCF, which then runs into solid VCA, offering manual level control as well as external CV capabilities. From there, the audio passes through a five position highpass filter, offering the best of both the HPF found on the Juno 60 and the 106. Position zero applies the slight-bass frequency boost from the 106, while the entire filter is bypassed at position one. Positions two through four offer high pass filtering at 225, 339, and 720 Hz.

Bring the tried and true sound of one of the most legendary synthesizers into your modular with the VCF/VCA 6 by Soundforce.

VCF/VCA 6 Features

  • Juno-inspired Eurorack module
  • Mixer, lowpass and highpass filters, and VCA all in one
  • Lowpass filter with resonance, and switchable 2-pole or 4-pole slope
  • Generous CV inputs, with polarity switch for FM1
  • LDC switch applies volume compensation at high resonance settings
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 18hp
  • Depth:
    • Eurorack module
    • Width: 18hp
    • Depth: 38mm
    • Current draw: 91mA @ +12V, 51mA @ -12V
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