SoundforceVCF/VCA 6 Juno-Style Filter + VCA (Black)


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Soundforce VCF/VCA 6

Further exemplifying their love for classic synthesizers, Soundforce's VCF/VCA 6 offers the renowned character of the Roland Juno 60 and 106 filters in Eurorack format, with the addition of a two channel mixer, VCA, and plenty of CV capabilities. Although the 60 and 106 are known to offer slightly different sounds from their DCO implementations, the rich and liquidy filter remained largely the same between both instruments.

Besides the obvious advantages of being broken out into a Eurorack module with extended patch points, the lowpass filter of the VCF/VCA 6 has some additional tricks up its sleeve. Unlike on the original Juno, patchers may select between the original four-pole filter slope and a more relaxed two-pole response. Aside from the dedicated 1V/Oct input that's ideal for pitch tracking or using the self-oscillating filter as a voice, there are two additional FM inputs, plus a CV input for the resonance.

The lower half of the module lays out the controls for the input mixer, VCA, and highpass filter. Soundforce has added in a handy switch labeled LDC, short for Loudness Drop Compensation, and will make up for the loss in signal level at higher resonance settings. The VCA section offers both a manual level control and a CV level slider, allowing for external amplitude modulation. The highpass filter offers the same fixed cutoff frequencies as the originals, but in a clever way that combines the filters from both the 60 and the 106. At position zero, a slight bass-boost is applied, just like on the 106, and is removed on position one without any filter attenuation. From there, cutoff points are available at 225, 339, and 720 Hz.

Channel some retro polysynth vibes in all of your patches with the VCF/VCA 6 from Soundforce.

VCF/VCA 6 Features

  • Two channel mixer, filters, and VCA inspired by Roland's classic Juno synthesizers
  • Resonant lowpass filter with 2 and 4 pole operation
  • 1V/Oct and two FM inputs
  • Polarity switch for FM1
  • LDC switch compensates for volume drops at higher resonance settings
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 18hp
  • Depth: 38mm
  • Current draw: 91mA @ +12V, 51mA @ -12V
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