SoundforceSFC-1 Rev B Pro One Software Controller


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Soundforce SFC-1 Rev B

SoudForce's SFC-1 is a hardware controller for Pro One emulation software such as u-he's Repro-1, capable of providing a hands-on experience for lovers of this popular plugin. Providing direct access to all of Repro-1's MIDI-accessible controls, SFC-1 makes using software-based Sequential Pro One emulations easier than ever.

And of course, the MIDI assignments for all potentiometers and switches can be edited via SoundForce's dedicated Google Chrome app—so SFC-1 can be used to control any MIDI-capable software you desire on Windows or OSX.

SFC-1 Rev B offers wooden end cheeks for a classic look, as well as metal-shaft potentiometers for a rock-solid feel.

SFC-1 Rev B Features

  • Dedicated USB MIDI hardware controller for u-he's Repro-1 or other Sequential Circuits Pro One emulation software
  • 51 potentiometers, 41 slide switches, and 6 tactile switches for maximum control
  • CC configuration editable via dedicated Google Chrome app
  • Shift button for accessing alternate assignments for each pot
  • Powder coated, bent steel enclosure with powder coated, silk screened panel
  • 6mm wood end cheeks
  • Dimensions: 380 x 173 x 55mm
  • MIDI: Class-compliant MIDI via USB 2.0
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