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SoundcraftGB2R 12CH 12+2-Channel Mixer


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Soundcraft GB2R 12CH

The GB2R-12.2 from Soundcraft is a 12-channel, rackmountable mixer with a robust list of features and routing options. This version has twelve mono channels with the same GB30 microphone preamps found in many Soundcraft products and a 4-band EQ delivering exceptional sound quality that can be tailored to your needs. Two additional stereo channels are available that also feature a 4-band EQ, but without selectable low-mid and high-mid frequencies. Additionally, these two channels can be set to act as additional stereo return paths with a simple switch press. All of these channels have six Aux controls: 1 & 2 are pre-fader, 3 & 4 are selectable to be either pre- or post-fader, and 5 & 6 are post-fader. All channels can be routed to a stereo sub group, which can be routed directly to the mix out, or used for advanced effects processing. The sub mix channel also features 6 Aux sends with AFL buttons routing each one to the phones and monitor outs. Rear connections are in no short supply with each mono channel having its own direct out and TRS insert, monitor outs, main mix with dedicated insert for each channel output, sub mix with dedicated insert for each channel, two stereo 1/4" returns, and six aux outputs. Not to mention the RCA I/O and front panel lamp connection, which are nice to have.

The GB2R-12.2 is perfect for medium sized venues, bands, as well as studios thanks to the direct outs. Usable mounted or unmounted, this sturdy mixing board will serve you for years to come and with the plethora of expandability options, it can grow with you.

GB2R 12CH Features

  • Professional-grade analog mixer with tw mono channels and two stereo channels
  • Designed for desktop or rackmount use (connector port rotates for either orientation)
  • Mic and line input options on every channel—even the stereo channels!
  • Dedicated 1/4" TRS insert points on each mono channel
  • Direct outputs for each mono channel with selectable pre/post-fade source (excellent for integrating into a recording setup)
  • Four-band EQ on every channel
  • Sweepable Hi Mid/Lo Mid frequencies on all 12 mono channels
  • Switchable 100Hz HPF on each channel
  • Phase invert switch on each channel
  • Per-channel switchable +48V phantom power
  • Six aux sends per channel (two prefade, two postfade, two switchable)
  • Mute and PFL options on each channel
  • Arbitrary per-channel assignment to Main Mix or Submix busses
  • Two stereo returns
  • RCA 2-track input and Record Output
  • XLR main outputs with master insert points
  • XLR Sub outputs with dedicated insert points
  • Dedicated monitor outputs
  • XLR mono sum master output
  • Dedicated 4-pin XLR Lamp jack
  • Total channels: 16
  • Mic Inputs: 12x XLR, 4x XLR (stereo channels)
  • Line Inputs: 12x 1/4", 4x 1/4" (stereo channels), 2x RCA (stereo)
  • Main outputs: 2x XLR main, 1x 1/4" (mono), 2x 1/4" monitor
  • Direct outs: 12x 1/4"
  • Aux I/O: 4x XLR aux out, 2x 1/4" aux out, 4x 1/4" return
  • Headphone outputs: 1x 1/4"
  • Dimensions: 8.2 x 17.5 x 21"
  • Weight: 44.7lbs
  • Power: mains input via IEC
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